Shuijingfang Joins Hands with Michelin to Change the World
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BEIJING, Nov. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- The Michelin Challenge Bibendum ("The Challenge") is being held at the Chengdu International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park from November 11-14. Shuijingfang, a Chengdu-based top-class white spirit producer with over 600 years of history that spans three dynasties of Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911), has been named the exclusive white spirit producer partner of The Challenge due to its brand continuity and innovation. During this 4-day event Shuijingfang will participate in discussions with industry leaders from around the world on a range of issues, including how to achieve sustainable development within the traffic industry at the global level.


The Challenge was launched in 1998 by the Michelin Group, one of the largest tire producers in the world. Since its inception it has become a unique global event that gathers all stakeholders in the traffic field to study issues and challenges relating to sustainable traffic development. The Challenge has been held twice in Shanghai, in 2004 and2007, making this the third time that the event has landed on China's mainland and the first time that it has been held in the country's west.


The event, themed "Promoting Traffic Innovation with Economic Growth and Improvement of Urban Life Quality", has five issues for discussion in its agenda. Creative actions of different countries on the future traffic will be displayed during the event. Manufacturers and decision-makers in the traffic field will draw on wisdom from ,and work together with, others to explore and create new ideas for sustainable traffic development. "We strongly believe that sustainable traffic will not only create new business opportunities, but also benefit each and every individual and the entire society," said Patrick Oliva, senior vice president of Michelin Group for strategic planning and sustainable development and chairman of The Challenge.


As host, Chengdu is providing Michelin with a star among the city's local brands. Shuijingfang's Chinese white spiritrepresents the excellence of Chengdu and is the exclusive white spirit partner of the event. The Michelin Group is a company with a spirit of innovation. Whether it's in the field of automobiles or evaluating Michelin-star restaurants, Michelin always adheres to the concept of continuing progress. In selecting partners for the 12th Michelin Challenge Bibendum, they've been as meticulous and strict as always, establishing high standards not only for the quality, but alsofor packagingbrand history and spirit. Shuijingfang, which traces its roots to the Yuan Dynasty, is the first brand ofdistilled, aromatic white spirit in China. The tradition of Shuijingfang has been passed from generation to generation for over 600 years, a time that spans three dynasties: Yuan, Ming and Qing. What began as wine being produced in the back of a restaurant today embodies a traditional that has been passed from generation to generation and has becomean intangible part of China's cultural heritage.

Shuijingfang's spirits not only meets national and international testing standards, but also wins international awards for its high quality.


Shuijingfang, by working with Michelin, displays not only the charm of traditional Chinese culture through its white spirits, but also the pioneering spirit of Chinese enterprises at the global level.

Guided by the sustainable development advocated at The Challenge, enterprises like Michelin and Shuijingfang are taking steps to pursue the concept of changing the world continuously in the traffic aspects and many other fields in the world.

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